Trader pitch 2024 (retail)
Trader pitch 2024 (retail)

Trader pitch 2024 (retail)

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Trader's pitch fee must be paid to confirm your attendance at the festival no later than 31st of March 2024. Failure to complete in this time may result in another trader being accepted and the space no longer being available to you so please pay within this time.

Pitch fee includes up to 2 traders per stall. Terms & price depend on the zone chosen.

You can purchase access for extra traders separately. Power is not included by default. If you require connection to a power source for your stall (and only for use in your stall, not in any caravans etc), make sure to select the correct option from the drop down menu.

If you applied for a smaller size than you need, you may not be able to trade due to space limitations or you will be charged extra on arrival for he extra space needed but not declared.

The pitch size booked must be able to include your guide ropes. I.e. if your tent is 3m x 3m you will need to book a 4m x 4m slot.

Zone A: 4m deep, you can't park or camp behind your stall. No Power available. You can sleep inside your tent. You cannot extend your display beyond the area you booked. 

Zone B: 4m deep, you can't park or camp behind your stall. You can sleep inside your tent. Power available. You cannot extend your display beyond the area you booked. 

Zone C: 10M deep. You can leave your car & camp behind stall. Power available (T&Cs apply)

Zone D: Food Traders only. Power available. You can camp behind your stall.

You must set up on Thursday the 25th of July 2024 and can't leave before Monday the 29th of July. FRIDAY SET UP IS NOT PERMITTED

You cannot dismantle your display on Sunday or before.

This applies even if you completely sell out. Failure to comply with this will result in being banned from trading at Valhalla in the future. Failure to arrive on Thursday without prior written arrangement with the organisers may result in your not being able to trade without the right to a refund. 

All pitches are 10m deep in zone C only. You will be able to park your Van or tent behind this only if your trading tent is able to fully hide it. If your van is visible from the front of the tent, you will have to move your van in the main car park. No exceptions. You are able to pitch a tent in the area behind your tent as long as both fit within the space allocated. It can't be visible from the front of your display and if it is, you will have to dismantle it and camp on the main campsite. Your vehicle and tent cannot be visible from the front of the trading area and cannot exceed your trading space of 3/4/5m wide (based on your selection) and 10m deep if they do, they will have to move. You can only park and camp behind your tent in zone C.

Trader zones A and B: Your space is 4m deep. You cannot camp or park behind the tent. You can park in the car park and camp in the campsite with a tent, not a campervan/caravan due to space limitations. These plots are less expensive to reflect the restrictions regarding parking and camping behind the trading plot.  

You must provide insurance documents valid for the festival period to be able to trade. If the insurance documents submitted with your application expire prior to the event oyu must submit valid insurance documentation in advance of the festival. If you do not provide documentation, the right to trade will be withdrawn.

Extra trader wristbands are available for purchase at an extra cost. Pitch fees only include 2 traders. Extra trader wristbands are £35 each and can be purchased here:

If purchasing power acces a power point will be brought to your area but it is up to you to supply any power extensions you may need.

You will have to clean your space and leave it as you found it.

You cannot combine multiple businesses per trading pitch. 

You cannot advertise businesses not approved to trade at the festival on your stand. You're welcome to raise awareness for other events or your own business, but you can't advertise someone else's commercial business on your stand.

Pitch fees are non-refundable.

By purchasing a pitch you agree to conform to all site rules and trader T&Cs

Please get in touch if you have any questions before completing payment. Please note that if payment is not completed in a timely fashion, you may lose the space offered. Unlike other events, we restrict the number of traders to a reasonably small number so those attending can benefit from less competition and more favourable attention from visitors. Please do not try to sell the same things as other traders. Only the items oyu've listed in your application will be permitted on your stall.