The Thing Committee

We're not exactly settling feuds at The Thing for Valhalla Viking Festival, but we are getting together as free people to make this happen for our community and we'd like to share the info of the small group of people who are helping in organising this event.

Steve - Event Jarl

Co-founder of SkullVikings and Valhalla Viking Festival, Steve, has a hand in every part of making this festival happen. From arranging the boring legal stuff to securing activities and leading our team, he’s going to be a busy Viking in the lead up and during the festival. He’ll also be running a casting workshop during the festival and more details on that will follow on the Activities page shortly.


Andreea - Lead Shieldmaiden

Together with Steve, Andreea will be involved just as much in every part of the festival both before and during the event. She’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have and coordinate the rest of the committee in the numerous tasks ahead. During the festival, you’ll also be able to sign up to a horn carving workshop led by her and more details about this will be available on the Activities page shortly.


 Tony - our VVF Heimdallr

Why? Not his shinning blonde hair (well..a little bit), but because of his knowledge and mead drinking abilities. All of which will ensure Valhalla is an incredible event running smoothly! A master of logistics that has organised everything from ridiculous parties to huge rock gigs and events. He'll make sure the Valhalla music runs smoothly


Jude - our VVF Social Media Shieldmaiden

Jude is guarding and running the Valhalla Social Media on Facebook and Instagram and is on hand to keep you up to date with all our latest plans and there to help if you have any questions. 

With our deepest gratitude, we say thank you to all of those who funded the start of Valhalla on Kickstarter. without their help and support, we never could have made this happen and we can't wait to meet everyone at Valhalla!
The Jarl
John Bridger
The Heathen Army
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 You are all a part of this and we will always be grateful for the part you played in starting it. We vow to make sure all those who join us, will have the best time we can possible arrange.
See you in Valhalla!