Camping is included in the cost of the weekend tickets only. Tickets can't be purchased on the day of the event. Camping is not available for one or two nights, only available to those with full weekend tickets. Tents are NOT included in the festival ticket price, you have to bring your own camping tent and camping gear etc.

We are located on a hill so you may be camping on a slight slope depending on space availability when you arrive. Please be aware of this and prepare for it. 

Entry and Departure

Volunteers and traders will be able to access the camping site before the festival opens, by prior arrangement. All cars will be left in the car parking area. Only tents will be allowed in the camping space with a special area selected for campervans. No cars will be allowed on the campsite for any reason other than pre-arranged valid disabled badge holders.

Campsites: Main Campsite or Quiet / Family Campsite

We're trialling having 2 separate campsites based on feedback from 2021 with some people wishing for a quieter surrounding to get rest in and in order to increase campervan capacity. At the top of the hill you'll have the main campsite and on the opposite side, you'll find the Quiet/Family campsite. You will not be able to switch from Quiet Camping to the Main Campsite for capacity reasons. Apart from the noise rules being different, all other campsite rules are the same for both campsites.

Quiet / Family campsite rules

To paraphrase a well known saying... To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time of love, and a time of hate; a time of war, and a time of peace, a time to shut up and a time to sleep. That's where this comes in.

Theres a time for everything. NO amplified music or loud noises allowed after 22:00. If you feel like chatting late with your friends, you're welcome to walk over to the main campsite and join others there. Please note the quiet campsite has strict late noise rules as it is intended as a Quiet area AND it is very close to neighbours and disturbing them can affect our ability to get a license to run the festival the following year so don't ruin it for everyone, if you're feeling loud or don't feel like going to bed early, go to the main campsite. Repeat offenders in the quiet campsite may be expelled from Valhalla by security. It only takes one neighbour opposing us running to shut Valhalla down at this location so please be considerate to your neighbours.

Fire and cooking

Open camp fires only for cooking are allowed as long as they do not cause damage to the grass. The area must be left as found, avoiding damage to the grass/ground.

A communal BBQ area will be set up on the main campsite which you can use. You will need to bring your own coal and lighters. Please leave the area clean after use for the next group.

Campervans and other vehicles

Campervans will have a special area in which they can set up. You will be directed on arrival by a volunteer. We do not offer any hook ups. No waste disposal for chemical waste will be provided. No sleeping is allowed in the car park.


Toilets will be available on both campsites. The general public will not have access to those.

Showers will be available in the main campsite only.

There is a cafe and farm shop just outside of the festival grounds, at about a 1 min walk from the main entrance if you need any last minute bits and pieces or fancy a relaxing breakfast. You can be directed to it from the entrance tent.

Campsite rules

Please see fire policy above.

No amplified music is allowed after 23:30 in the main campsite due to venue noise restrictions. You're welcome to stay up and chat though. No amplified music or loud noises allowed in the Quiet/Family campsite  allowed after 22:00. 

We love animals! Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on leads while on festival grounds. Or whatever your pet may be is welcomed (we may be bringing our parrot). You will need to clean up after your dog or pet. We are not legally liable for any incidents caused by or to your pet should any such issue arise so please bare this in mind when planning if you'd be bringing your pet.

Weapon rules

No reenactment weapons are allowed on festival grounds by anyone else than the registered reenactors part of the show. I know they're blunt and just complete the outfit, but no. If any are found they will be confiscated and can be collected from the entrance tent. If you're bringing a foam larping  prop... then it's not a weapon because you can't do any harm by swinging it and accidentally hitting someone so sure, feel free to bring your foam larping props, just nothing made out of metal that you could cause any accidental damage to someone else with.

Camping not your thing? There's nearby accommodation

Yes, if camping isn't your thing here are some options for you. Click on the names to open in a separate window.

Dummer Down Farm's cottage  (can't get much closer than this! it's on site)

The Wheatsheaf by Greene King (3000 feet away)

 Tower Hill House Basingstoke (4800 feet away)