Traders for Valhalla 2022

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN FOR 29th-31st of July 2022

Traders that have been approved and covered their fees can come set up anytime on Thursday 28th of July (estimated arrival time must be confirmed before the event) and can't leave before the festival closes on Sunday at midnight. No dismantling of stand while attendees are on site is allowed.

You must open daily at the time the festival opens and remain open until at least 18:00 although you can choose to stay open later. You can't leave on the Sunday while the festival is still open even if you completely sell out of items. Absolutely no dismantling of stands before the festival closes. Failure to comply with the trading rules will result in being denied any future trading applications at Valhalla. Arriving on Friday, unless otherwise agreed in advance and in writing with the organisers, will mean you will not be able to trade so please make arrangements to set up on the specified date of the 28th of July. The address is Dummer Down Farm, Basingstoke, RG25 2AR  and directions can be found on the Find Us page.

We have a limited number of trader spaces available. To make sure the visitors and traders have variety we'll do our best to accept traders who are quite different from one another for everyone's benefit to the best of our abilities although some crossover or duplication may occur depending on the items you sell.  

You must submit a photo of your stand display as part of the application. You will find an upload link in the form below to do this. Applications that do not submit an image of their stand/display will automatically fail. Only 1 image is needed and able to be uploaded.

If you are not an approved trader, you cannot advertise at or leave promotional materials on site. If you are found to have done this, you will be banned from trading at Valhalla indefinitely. If you are an approved trader, you cannot advertise on behalf of a non-trading company. Failure to comply with this will result in you being banned from trading at Valhalla as well as the company you were advertising.

If you are a previous trader, you will have to apply again each year to trade and submit Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance that is valid for the dates of the festival you plan to attend. Prior attendance is not a guarantee of approval for future dates.

No pitch fee refunds are given for no-shows or withdrawls. Not showing up one year will automatically band you from trading at future events.

Only 1 business allowed to trade per pitch fee. You cannot trade multiple businesses from 1 stall.

Trading Info

If your application to trade is accepted you will be sent a link to cover the pitch fee. The pitch fee must be paid to confirm your space.

Pitch fee for retail only starts at £60 without power or camping behind stand or £100 with camping on the campsite and £150 for food traders for 3 days trading and 4 nights camping without power. Power connections available at an extra cost.

Pitch fee includes up to 2 traders per stall and 1 tent camping space. Additional wristbands can be purchased separately @£50 each

Traders are welcome to enjoy the free entertainment available on site when their stalls are closed.    

Purchasing a festival ticket does not grant permission for trading. The trading application must be accepted and valid documentation must be sent in to be able to trade.

There are no feast concessions for traders. You're welcome to be a part of the feast but you have to boom a ticket for it. 

Valid insurance documentation must be provided before the event or you will not be able to attend.

Minimum trading times

You can stay open later if you wish (and we do recommend it), however you must trade at least for these hours. Please note it is advised for breakfast food vendors to be open by 8AM (we're all desperate for decent morning coffee) and it is recommended for other food vendors to be open late as peak food times were around 8PM in 2021.

Friday 11:00 - 18:00
Saturday 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday 11:00 - 18:00



Traders will be allowed on the campsite from Thursday evening and must depart by 10:00 on Monday morning. You can't set up on Friday and you can't dismantle or depart before Monday.

Parking is free for traders. Camping is free for traders. Only 2 traders per stall are included in the pitch fee. You will be able to camp and park your vehicle behind your stall only if they are not visible from the front of the trading tent/area. All pitches in Zone C are 10M deep and you must be able to fit your vehicle, tent and stand within your allocated pitch area. Zones A & B are 4m deep per pitch and you cannot park or camp behind your stall which is reflected in the price. Once you set up in these areas you must remove your vehicle off the main festival site.

Trading Zone Map

Trading Terms & conditions

All traders must also abide by the site rules

The completion of the form does not guarantee acceptance of trading regardless of whether or not a weekend ticket has already been purchased.

In case of acceptance, you will be contacted for payment of the pitch fee which finalizes the booking. If payment is not completed within 10 working days, acceptance may be retract and the space offered to others. Insurance documentation can be sent at the latest 2 months before Valhalla. You cannot trade without providing the insurance details.

Should your application not be successful, your details will be kept on file and you may be contacted in case of cancellation from other vendors or for future events.

Traders must possess valid public liability and indemnity insurance for the duration of the festival. Failure to produce this will result in not being able to trade. Being untruthful about their existence when applying will result in your refusal to trade with no refund of the fee. 

If you fail to attend, you will not qualify for a pitch fee refund. 

You're welcome to cancel your attendance but pitch fees are non-refunsable.

Access to electricity is not included in the pitch fee unless you've selected an option that specifically says you've upgraded to power. If access to power has been purchased one power connection will be brought to your area but you are responsible for providing your own extension leads/plugs.

There will be no food or entertainment on site on Thursday or Monday, please make arrangements as suitable. There is a lovely cafe with a farm shop within a 1-2 min walk of the festival though which we highly recommend.

Unless youre in Zone C, you will not be allowed to bring your own alcohol or food on the main festival site. Failure to comply with this will result in your removal from site without a refund for the pitch fee. You are allowed your own food, drink and alcohol only while in the campsite. 

We reserve the right to reverse an offering of trading at Valhalla to those who are belligerent, aggressive or abusive towards any of the organising volunteers.  You will not be refunded and not allowed on festival grounds if your behaviour is deemed not to be suitable for the inclusive respectful environment we are looking to create. 

T&Cs above are not exhaustive and may be subject to change so please watch this space carefully to ensure you comply with the festival T&Cs