Valhalla Viking Festival Arrival & Check In Info

To make your arrival easier, please read carefully.

How to find us

Please check out the Find Us page for directions. 

Please note that your sat nav will likely direct you to the cricket club entrance. There is no access to Valhalla through there. The entrance to the festival is the next right after the cricket club. Signs for the festival will be outside the entrance.

What3Words for the entrance is: arming.doctors.cheetahs



To make things quicker when you arrive, please book your car parking space before arriving and please leave your parking pass on display on your dashboard until you departure.

When you get to the car park, before you can enter the car park, you will need to provide your order number for parking or make payment. Once your parking order is reviewed or you've made payment, you will be issued a car parking pass and can proceed to the car park. 

If you choose to pay for parking on the day, parking can only be paid on the day via card. To make things quicker, please have your card ready when you arrive if you'd prefer not to pre-book your parking.

If you are a day visitor you will be directed to a parking space as you enter on the left. If you are a blue badge holder the blue badge parking is closest to the entrance and marked in blue on the map. You can park in the blue badge parking zone, if you are a blue badge holder, whether you are a day visitor or a weekend visitor.

If you are a weekend visitor with tent camping, you'll be directed to the weekend parking area and you will have to show your weekend car pass to be allowed in.  

If you are a weekend visitor with a campervan pass, you will have to park in the day visitor car park and visit the entrance tent to collect your wristbands and campsite parking pass. You cannot enter the campsite without having the camping pass on your dashboard and your wristbands on.

 You will be given directions to the campsite at the entrance tent. Do not, under any circumstance, attempt to drive directly to the campsite. It will only make things more difficult and delayed for us and for you. we'd like the check in procedure to be as smooth as possible for everyone.

Blue badge holders 

If you are a blue badge holder camping for the weekend, you will need to first park in the day car park and go to the ticket tent to collect your wristbands. You may be able to drive to near the campsite to take your things out of the car and drop them off on the campsite, but you will not be able to drive onto the campsite. The lane that gives access to the entrance near the campsite will only allow one car at a time. The lane is not wide enough for 2 cars to pass each other so one car must return to the car park before another can enter. This option is likely to severely delay your entrance to the campsite. Once you drop off your things in the area you wish to camp in, you must return to your car and move it to the car park immediately to allow others to use the lane. We are working on a luggage taxi service to help campers from the ticket tent to the campsite as an alternative, but we cannot confirm at this time if it will be in place for 2024. We will update this page if the service is available in time.


Collecting wristbands

You can collect your wristbands from the Tickets tent, which is the first tent on your left and clearly signposted. You will need the order number that you received in your order confirmation and ID. 

No printed tickets or etickets are sent out.

Your name has to be on the order to be able to receive your wristband. We use IDs to verify the name on the order is you so make sure you don't forget your ID.

Can't find your order confirmation?

Or your phone died and you can't remember the order number? Don't panic. We can see everyone's details and orders on the system at the entrance tent. We'll just have to ask you a few questions to locate your order if that is the case. If you paid for a ticket, you'll get in, no worries. It's very relaxed.

If your name is not on the order, the ID name does not match, then you'd have to pay for a ticket if there is no way to prove you've bought a ticket but that's another story. Like we said, everyone's details for those who purchased a ticket are on the system and we can check that on the day.  We're more than happy to help wherever we can.

Everyone with an adult ticket will have to provide ID. Whether or not you're lucky enough to still look under 25.

Arrival times
The festival opens at 10:00 each day.
Check in starts then for most people. If you have booked a 10:00 workshop you can enter the festival from 9:30 in order to locate your workshop space. Just come to the front gate with your order confirmation for the workshop you've booked and you can collect your wristbands before we open.
Please form a line close to the fence line to allow cars to pass. We've increased the number of people doing the check in to improve on the speed with which we can get people in. There will be a dedicated day visitor check in line. You will be directed by stewards where to que once near the tent or asked to move forward if you're further in the queue. 
After collecting wristbands
Once you've collected your wristbands and you've received your directions to the campsite (if needed), you're free to come and go as you please during festival opening hours. Only weekend campers will be allowed onto the campsites at any time. Security will be checking wristbands in and out of areas so please make sure not to take off your wristband at any time.
Other useful info
Please check out these pages to make the most of your visit with us
No one ever wants to misplace or get separated from their child, but it does happen on occasion. When you arrive, please take a photograph of your child that shows them from head to toe. We don't need to see this photograph, unless you need our help to locate them. Nothing will help security help them faster than the perfect description, a full length photograph of exactly how they look on the day. 
Please make this a habit whenever you go to a crowded event. Never hurts to be prepared, it only takes seconds and if you need it, it's the perfect help for those trying to help you.