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    There will be a lot going on, so I'm sure you're wondering what's included in the ticket price.

    Full weekend tickets will give you access to the duration of the festival. The event will be going on from Friday to Sunday, but you can set up camp Friday morning and pack up on Monday morning. (Volunteers can show up on Thursday with valid pre-festival application approved in advance)

    Your weekend ticket will get you a seat in our Mead Hall all three nights of the festival, and includes food and drink during the great feasts which will last 3-4 hours. Outside of the feast times you can purchase drinks from the the More Mead Company bar.

    Just take a seat at our long tables during The Feast along side hundreds of other Vikings and Heathens and let the food, mead, ale and more come to you as we line the tables and fill your horns. This will be a feast worthy of the name Valhalla, so trust me when I say that this will justify the cost of your ticket!

    The entertainment that will be going on around you will be included in the ticket price, this will involve reenactment battles, music, story tellers, fire dancers, Viking games, talks, demonstrations and animal displays/demonstrations. Activities (archery,  workshops, craft sessions, axe throwing, taking photographs with the animals) are NOT included in the price, they will cost extra.

    Day tickets come with or without feast access. If you purchase a day ticket with the feast, you can participate fully on the day of your ticket. If you have a day ticket without the feast, you will not be permitted in the Great Hall during the feast hours, but you will be able to enjoy some drinks at the paid bar awaiting the story tellers and fire dancers to begin.

    Parking must be purchased separately. Parking is NOT included in the cost of your weekend or day entry ticket. Spaces are limited so be sure to get these well in advance. Parking cannot be purchased on the day.

    Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

    If you've got any questions, just use the contact form to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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