The Valhalla Feast

One of the big things at the Valhalla Viking Festival will be the Valhalla Feast in our rustic Mead Hall.

I'm sure you're familiar with the scene from Medieval and Viking movies and TV shows. Rows and rows of long tables in a mead hall with more food and drink than most people could handle. Well that's what we're going for at the Valhalla Viking Feast.

After a day of axe throwing and blacksmithing, as the evening draws in, the Mead Hall will open its doors to the hundreds of Heathens, Vikings and Pagans attending the festival.

The feast will last ~3 hours, during this time platters of food will be coming out to the tables, as well as ale, mead and other drinks. We'll do our best to make sure your horns don't empty.


We haven't settled on exactly what the food will be, but we're planning to work together with local butchers (Don't worry, there'll be Vegetarian friendly food as well) to put together a great feast. Think German style platters and you're probably not far off.

For the drinks we'll be providing delicious mead, real ale and some other tasty beverages.

We'll drink and eat and all be very merry together as we celebrate this great Heathen gathering and drink to the Gods.

Once the Feast finishes, the Mead Hall will remain open with the music continuing to play and a paid bar will be open, so you can carry on the festivities with your fellow Vikings.

And in true Valhalla style you can get to wake up the next day and start all over again! Assuming that the following day doesn't start off like this...

We look forward to feasting with you all at Valhalla Viking Festival!