The Valhalla Feast

One of the big things at the Valhalla Viking Festival will be the Valhalla Feast in our rustic Mead Hall. It's all about the atmosphere of sitting at long rows of tables with hundreds of others and the vibe that is created and carries with you long after the festival ends.

I'm sure you're familiar with the scene from Medieval and Viking movies and TV shows. Rows and rows of long tables in a mead hall with more food and drink than most people could handle. Well that's what we're aiming for at the Valhalla Viking Feast.

After a day of axe throwing and blacksmithing, as the evening draws in, the Mead Hall will open its doors to the hundreds of Heathens, Vikings and Pagans attending the festival.

The feast will last ~3 hours, during this time sharing platters of food will be coming out to the tables, as well as ale, mead and other drinks. We'll do our best to make sure your horns don't empty.

You will be seated alongside hundreds of other vikings in the Mead Hall and the experience is all about the atmosphere, the sense of community within the Horde while sharing food and drinks with your fellow Vikings. They've been known to burst out into popular songs and chants or an infectious spontaneous Valhalla call with everyone raising their drinks at the same time and enjoying the music and performances from the main stage located inside the Mead hall. A platter of mains and a platter of sides will come to every table to share when you sit down. Then, a server in full Viking kit will go around with platters for topping up of each kind of dish on the initial platter. 


We haven't settled on exactly what the food will be, but we're planning to work together with local butchers (Don't worry, there'll be Vegetarian/Vegetarian friendly food as well) to put together a great feast. Think German style platters and you're probably not far off.

For the drinks we'll be providing delicious mead, real ale, cider, larger and some other tasty beverages (non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks will be available as well) . Please note there will be terms to the serving such as not being allowed to stack alcoholic drinks or receive top ups when your glass/horn is not empty. If you are deemed as being too inhibited or rude to any of the volunteers, you will not be served and may be removed from the hall. Please drink responsibly and don't be an ass about it. It's about enjoying food and drink and the atmosphere created.

After the dinner the main stage located in the feast hall will feature live performances

We'll drink and eat and all be very merry together as we celebrate this great Heathen gathering and drink to the Gods.

Once outside of the Feast times, the Mead Hall will remain open to all with the music continuing to play and a paid bar will be open, so you can carry on the festivities with your fellow Vikings. Last call on the bar is at 23:30, you must vacate the festival site at midnight.

And in true Valhalla style you can get to wake up the next day and start all over again! Assuming that the following day doesn't start off like this...

We look forward to feasting with you all at Valhalla Viking Festival!


We reserve the right to refuse top-ups to anyone who does not have an empty glass/horn, is rude, deemed to be heavily inebriated or too rowdy. Please be respectful to your servers, we're all volunteering. Aggressive behaviour will result in removal from the feast hall and possibly the festival.

Enjoy the atmosphere with your fellow Vikings, that's what this experience is all about.

Let's all just have a good time with our old and new Viking friends :)


For further questions, please check the FAQ page.