Valhalla Viking Festival is all about spending the weekend BEING your most Viking self, not watching other people be Viking, so there will be plenty of activities to get involved in.

We're still building up the list of activities that will be available for you at Valhalla Viking festival, but for now here's what you can expect to be doing.

Viking Feast

Find out more about the 3 day Valhalla Feast.


Axe Throwing

If hurling an axe through the air into a target sounds like your thing, then spend some time learning how to throw different types of axes and test your skills with an amazing axe thrower.

Axe throwing sessions will last about an hour, you'll get taught the technique, have plenty of goes to throw a variety of axes and if you're up to it then you may be invited to compete in our Viking Games.


If hitting things with a big hammer is more your style, then why not spend some time at the forge with one of our blacksmiths and learn blacksmithing while making yourself a unique handmade festival souvenir.



Take in the summer weather and enjoy some outdoor archery. Our amazing instructors will teach you what you need to know and you can enjoy a great session of archery alongside some other Viking archers.

If you prove yourself up to it, then we might invite you to take part in our Viking Games.


Casting Jewelry

If you're feeling crafty, then perhaps you'd like to design youself a unique piece of Viking jewelry and hand cast it from pewter.

You'll be shown the technique and will go from idea to having a unique piece of handmade jewellery to take home as a Valhalla Souvenir.


Horn Carving

Why not make something as practical as a drinking horn into a work of art you can enjoy your mead from. In this workshop you'll choose a design, carve or etch it into your horn, and finish it off with a little painting.

carved Viking Drinking horn

Fire Walking

If the ceremonial parts of Viking culture are what interest you, then why not do an evening firewalk. Welcome the Gods and let them guide you through the flames.


Combat Training

Join our Vikings in the living history village and learn some Viking combat moves. If you master the art of the sword and the shield then we might invite you into our Viking Games.


Viking Games

If you prove yourselves in any of the activities, then we might invite you to take part in the Viking Games that we will put on in the arena on the last day of the festival, just before the last night of feasting.

This will be a set of competitions that include axe throwing, archery, combat, and tests of strength and co-ordination.

We'll have something special to give to the winner, who we will praise in the final feast of Valhalla.

viking games rope


More activities to be announced...

We'll be adding to the festival as we get closer to the date, so check back regularly to find out what else we have planned for you.