Valhalla Viking Festival is all about spending the weekend BEING your most Viking self, not watching other people be Viking, so there will be plenty of activities to get involved in.

We're still building up the list of activities that will be available for you at Valhalla Viking festival, but for now here's what you can expect to be doing.

Activities are not included in the cost of your ticket. Activities are provided by and charged for by those leading and providing them, with the exception of the feast if your ticket includes access to it.


Find out more about the 3 day Valhalla Feast.

COST: The Feast is included in Full Weekend tickets and day tickets with feast access only. The price you pay covers drinks and food but also covers a portion of the running costs of the infrastructure and logistics needed to hold the feast. General admission day passes do not include access to the feast. The feast cannot be added to general admission day passes on the day so get your full ticket now. T&Cs apply


If hurling an axe through the air into a target sounds like your thing, then spend some time learning how to throw different types of axes and test your skills with an amazing axe thrower.

Axe throwing sessions are ran on a walk-up basis with no pre-booking needed, you'll get taught the technique by Creative Kingdom who will be hosting some other games as well.  
COST: Various packages will be available on the day


If hitting things with a big hammer is more your style, then why not spend some time at the forge with one of our blacksmiths and learn blacksmithing while making yourself a unique handmade festival souvenir.

 COST: Free to watch demonstrations but various packages will be available on the day if you want to have a go. Pricing will be approximately £35-£45 per person per session depending on your chosen object to make. Book on the Tickets page.


Take in the summer weather and enjoy some outdoor archery. Our amazing instructors will teach you what you need to know and you can enjoy a great session of archery alongside some other Viking archers. There are both sessions where you can walk-up on the day which you don't need to prebook and 1-2-1 sessions where you get private tuition for half an hour. The 1-2-1 sessions can be booked on our tickets page but for the others you can just walk up to the archery range



If you're feeling crafty, then perhaps you'd like to design yourself a unique piece of Viking jewelry and hand cast it from pewter.

You'll be shown the technique and will go from idea to having a unique piece of handmade jewelry to take home as a Valhalla Souvenir. Check the Tickets page for more details on this workshop


carved Viking Drinking horn

Why not make something as practical as a drinking horn into a work of art you can enjoy your mead from? In this workshop you'll choose a design, carve or etch it into your horn, and finish it off with a little painting. Andreea of SkullVikings will be providing tuition and carving implements will also be provided. You can pick the horn you'll be carving or bring your own.

Book via the Tickets page


You'll be shown how to make yourself a piece of jewellery, an accessory or  in one of our workshops held by Pheonix Leather, SkullVikings or Wayne's Leathercraft  a leather holder for your drinking horn. 
There are multiple leatherwork sessions each specialising in something different so please check the Tickets page for more details


If the ceremonial parts of Viking culture are what interest you, then why not do an evening firewalk. Welcome the Gods and let them guide you through the flames. The ritual involves being part of building the fire, experiencing arrow breaking and more. Please find out more about in on the Tickets page


viking games rope

A variety of traditional Viking Games will be available to play which you can find at Sigurd and Edi's Living History Encampment. Trebuchet and Crossbow games will also be available in a more modern style provided by Creative Kingdom. Most games are suitable for adults and children alike. No need to prebook, just que on the day 


You'll be able to see some wonderful birds of prey up close, hold them and have your photo taken with them. 


Rebecca will be offering Styling / Braiding Professional Grade Face Painting War Paint / Fake Blood Fake Dirt for authentic costumes Fake Tattoos which are airbrushed for high quality. Look and feel like a Viking for the festival


Always loved the Viking signature braids? Get one or two done at the festival (braids and beads sold separately). They'll be available at The War Paint Den.

The 3 key elements are decided together by having a discussion on the day of your sakrid inking session.
It's a wonderful and ceremonious event, your are welcome to bring an altar to build in the space if you choose, or an item to place on ours during the session.
The sigil itself is handpoke tattooed in order to gain a greater connection and work with the decided intent and then blessed at the end of the Sakrid inking process.
A traditional craft that you can take part in or you can spectate demonstrations during the event. Suitable for children and adults alike. Just que on the day to take part in this activity. 


Honiahaka Northern Inuits Wolf lookalikes

Fascinated by wolves and want to learn more? You can learn more about these beautiful creatures from Honiahaka Northern Inuits Wolfdogs and see them up close. Meet them up close with an experienced team with famous wolves. They've even been in Game of Thrones!

they'll be on site Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00-17:00 and you can meet them free of charge!

Photo above Game of Thrones set
Honiahaka Direwolves
Angel, Lupa, Kami, Hope
Photographer Barry Pickering


Please check the schedule as there will be several ceremonies you can spectate or take part in including the opening ceremony where we call upon the gods in the woodland temple, rememberance ceremonies in the woodland temple, a  wedding (handfasting) in the woodland temple, boat burning, the closing and dispersing of the Gods ceremony.


A variety of workshops like chainmaille, calligraphy, illumination, breathwork, ice bathing and more will be available at the festival. Please check the festival program page and the tickets section new additions as so much is happening this page may be out of date. 



This is an activity available free of charge. Take a seat on the amazing Valhalla Throne and take as many photos as you'd like on it.

Visit The Secret of Hapiness at Valhalla and get an amazing massage from Lucia who has been a licensed massage therapist for over a decade.
Visit Valkenwolf for a beautiful temporary tattoo made by Amber.