Entertainment is included in the cost of your ticket.

If you're looking for something less active than blacksmithing and axe throwing, that you can enjoy with a horn full of mead in your hand, then we have plenty of options for you.
We'll be trying to add to the list of entertainment, so if you have any suggestions or requests, let us know what you'd like to see at Valhalla.


Live Music will be performed in the Great Hall throughout the day and evening featuring music using traditional instruments, rock and folk. Music performers currently include Seidrblot, Wolcensmen, Anna Tam and Swan & Dyer to name a few.


Fascinated by wolves and want to learn more? You can enjoy a show where you can learn more about these beautiful creatures from Watermill Wolves and see them up close. An experienced team with famous wolves. They've been in everything from the show Vikings to Ripper Street. they've even been in Vogue and posed with Eclipse to name just a few.


Friday and Saturday you'll be able to meet a selection of stunning birds of prey brought to you by Falconry UK. The exact birds attending will be confirmed 7-10 days before the event, but Branwen the Raven may be one of them, feathers crossed! Come see them up close and learn more about them. Falconry UK is the leading UK rescue centre and you'll be able to donate towards their cause if you'd like, we are.


When you're ready to stumble out of the mead hall after a belly full of food, grab your horn and wander over to one of the fire pits in the woodland lit by fair lights and surrounded by the statues of the Norse Gods, take a seat and listen to tales of the Gods and great Vikings before us told by our amazing story tellers led by The Travelling Talesman.

As the light fades, enjoy the warmth of the fire-pits and the magic of our fire dancers.
See how the Vikings led their lives, where they lived and how they crafted in our two live history villages showing the Viking Age and the lives of the Varangnian Rus in historically accurate reproductions of the garments, crafts and dwellings.

Come see the Vikings battle in traditional gear and find out more about the battles that shaped our history.

plans include arrows being shot at the reenactors by our skilled archers and horses are undergoing training to display in battle!

Fancy hearing more about Viking myths and history? We'll have engaging talks arranged during the weekend. Keep an eye on the program!

And more to come...

We'll be coming up with more wild and wonderful ways to entertain you at Valhalla Viking Festival, and we'd love to know what you want to see. Get in touch if you have any ideas, and check back here for updates.