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We definitely don't want you getting lost on your way to Valhalla, so this page will try to make it as easy as possible for you to find your way there.

The festival will take place just outside of Henley-on-Thames, in Oxfordshire. As you get closer, you'll also be able to see directional signs to reassure you that you're on the right path.

The address is (but please use our pin in Google maps to avoid any sat nav issues)

Friday 16th-Sunday 18th July 2021
Fawley Fields

The entrance is right here on Google Maps. Google seems to thinks it's called Anne Cottage, but ignore that, it's wrong. You'll see the signs for Valhalla as you approach. Volunteers can arrive on Thursday the 15th and leave on Monday the 19th.

Driving to Valhalla

We will have a limited number of parking spaces available, which will be £10 for the weekend. The entrance to the festival site can be seen here on Google. The grey marker on the image below shows where the entrance is, and this will be clearly signposted.

Valhalla Viking Festival Entrance Indicator



Taking the Train

The nearest train station is Henley-on-Thames, and at ~4 miles from the festival site it's a bit long to walk with your camping gear, so we recommend getting a taxi from the station. It's about 10 minutes in a taxi.

We'll be adding the names and numbers of some recommended taxi firms, and we'll make sure they know where the festival is, so check back here closer to the date.

See the route on Google.

If you're coming into Reading and don't want to get another train and a Taxi, then it's a 30 minute drive from Reading train station to the festival, so you could grab a taxi from here.

See the route from Reading on Google.

Mini Bus

If enough people want to get a minibus from either Henley-on-Thames or Reading, let us know and we can either organise one, or connect you guys to organise something in groups and keep your costs down. Please register your interest in this option as soon as possible after purchasing the ticket.