Frequently Asked Questions

We've been getting lots of questions and we've done our best to cover the usual ones here to save you some time waiting for a reply. Please check below for our frequently asked questions.

How can I buy tickets?

Visit the ticket page of this website.

You will also be able to buy day tickets at the entrance tent on the day.

Weekend tickets can only be purchased in advance. You will need a weekend ticket if you plan to camp for 1 night, 2 nights or the duration of the festival. 

How can I get EARLY BIRD tickets?

Visit the ticket page of this website. They launch on the last day of August @ 18:00

Only a small number of early bird tickets will be available at this year's cost for securing deposits and items needed for next year. Last year they sold out in 4 min so be prepared and good luck!

How much do tickets cost?

We have a selection of different tickets and pricing. Please go to the TICKETS page for pricing info.

When do I get my tickets?

You will not get any printed tickets. Your order confirmation IS your ticket.

When you place your order you will receive an automatic email confirmation of your order being placed and space secured (remember to check spam). This email and your ID is all that is needed to check in and be issued your wristband. You'll be able to find your order number in your account section if you can't find the email itself. Just log into your account on the website to retrieve your order number. Your order will show as unfulfilled until you collect your wristband.

The person's name who is attending the festival has to be on the order. If your name is Smith and the name on the order says Andrews for example, Smith will not be allowed in. 

We would prefer if you just use a digital copy at check in as we are trying to be an environmentally responsible event.

You'll need to check in together if you ordered as a group of 2 or more. If you ordered 5 tickets for the festival in one order, the 5 of you will need to checkin together at the same time as the main name on the order has to match to gain entry. You can't have staggered arrival times.

Group booking?

That counts for orders of 2 or more people. The main person's name (the one who booked or whoever's name you put down under Customer Name) will be the only one on the order. You just need to check in together. See above again. It's the same for checking into hotel group bookings or quite similar to how restaurant reservations work so it should be pretty straightforward as a concept.

Can I order tickets for someone else?

Yes, when ordering you need to put their full legal name in as the customer name and their email address but your payment details. Got something wrong? Get in touch so we can help get the details changed within 14 days of purchasing. It's their name that needs to be on the order or they won't be able to get in.

Can I buy tickets from someone else?

SCAM ALERT. If someone is offering to sell you their tickets directly from them they won't be valid. You can only buy tickets from the Valhalla website. You'll need to present ID to prove you are the correct person. Don't be fooled. Don't pass your money onto a 3rd party. We accept no responsibility for buying your tickets from someone else claiming to have valid tickets and will not allow you on site without a ticket bought through the festival website with your name on it.

Will there be parking?

Yes and parking will be £12.50 for the weekend when purchased in advance (increases to £5 per day if purchased on arival) for a car and an extra £75 for vans/campervans that will stay on the campsite (can only be purchased in advance, not available on the day). Please share cars wherever possible :) and remember to pre-book your parking. Spaces are limited and we cannot guarantee availability on the day if you do not book in advance.

The car park operates a one-way system. Please enter through the main gate and follow directions for the exit. You cannot leave the same way you came in.

How do I stay up to date?

Sign up to our mailling list via the front page. We make all announcements via the mailling list first. When extra spaces are available, activities are confirmed, when workshops are available to book when final schedule is released, you'll get all important updates by signing up to the mailling list.

Where can I get information/help when I'm at the festival?

Entrance tent. For any info needed, please drop by the entrance tent. That includes directions, lost and found or general questions.

Will there be camping?

Yes, but you can only camp if you are a full weekend ticket holder. You can't sleep in the car park if you have a day ticket nor can you remain on site over night and you can't enter the campsite for any reason if you are just a day ticket holder, even if your friend is a camper. Security will patrol the car parks overnight. You can camp for 1 night or 2 if you get the full weekend ticket of course, you just can't camp if you're a ticket holder for just 1 day. More details on camping can be found on the page called CAMPING 

How far is the campsite to the festival site?

About 5 minutes walking distance depending on where on the field you camp and how fit or tall you are.

Can I park on the campsite?

No cars are allowed on the campsite even if it is just for setting up. Upon arrival you can park your car in the main car park and will have to carry your camping equipment to the campsite (it's only about a 5 min walk though between the two). Exception can only be made for disabled badge holders who will need to present the disabled card to be able to park in the designated disabled parking on the campsite which is to be arranged in advance. If not arranged in advance, you will have to park in the main car park in the designated disabled area for day visitors.  

When can I arrive to camp?

If you are volunteering for setting up the festival, you can arrive from before the day you start helping. This is arranged when volunteering. If you are a normal visitor, gates for camping open at 10:00 on Friday. You will need to buy a ticket before volunteering though. Only ticket holders can enter Valhalla or volunteer at the festival.

Campsite cooking?

Open camp fires only for cooking are allowed on the campsite as long as they do not cause damage to the grass. The area must be left as found, avoiding damage to the grass/ground. 

BBQs are allowed so long as no damage is caused to the grass.

Disposable BBQs are prohibited for environmental reasons and will be confiscated if found.

A communal BBQ area will be set up which you can use instead. You will need to bring your own coal and lighters. Please leave the area clean after use for the next group

If you are found to be causing damage to the grass you will be liable for a fine of £200. Failure to pay the fine will result in explusion without any refund and permanent banning. 

Water points?

There are 4 water points on site you can use for refilling. The easiest to access for general public are by the entrance to the festival site and by the entrance to the campsite. Please ask at the front tent for directions.

Is there nearby accommodation?

Yes, if camping isn't your thing here are some options for you. Click on the names to open in a separate window.

Dummer Down Farm's cottage  (can't get much closer than this! it's on site)

The Wheatsheaf by Greene King (3000 feet away)

Other options are available and can easily be located using services like Google. The postcode for the event is RG25 2AR should you wish to look for nearby accommodation not listed above.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Many other options are nearby in Basingstoke which is a 10-15min cab ride away from the festival site. Please use Google and search for acommodation near RG25 2AR 

Can I get public transport to the festival?

Yes, the festival is accessible by public transport. The festival is a 10-15 minute drive from Basingstoke train station and there are a few direct trains to Basingstoke from various parts of the country and a bus from the train station to near the festival. Please check out the Find Us/Travel page for full info. There are no regular public buses though, so we'd recommend a taxi from the train station or planning your arrival and departure time in advance if travelling by bus.

I'm coming on my own. How can I get to know some people?

Join the attendee Facebook group . It is manned by volunteers and filled with friendly people who went last year or that are coming this year (warning some taking-the-piss may occur so please bring your sense of humour). It is a great place to get so know people and connect so by the time you arrive, you'll feel like you're meeting friends! Volunteering is also a great way to meet people before or after the festival and it comes with othe perks too. The group is just for socialising and generally having a laugh with other like minded people forming a community and getting to know each other, if you have festival questions about the program, activities, logistics etc. Contact directly. The group is ran by volunteers not the organisers and is for attendees and volunteers as such opinions and discussions in the community are not censored by the organisers and Valhalla Festival takes no responsibility for opinions expressed on social media by those members. Connect with others on social media but for serious questions contact the festival via email. 

How does the feast work?

Around 6PM form a cue outside the feast hall, signage will be posted but it's pretty obvious where the entrance it. After providing proof of being a feast ticket holder, you will be seated alongside hundreds of other vikings in the Mead Hall and the experience is all about the atmosphere, the sense of community within the Horde while sharing food and drinks with your fellow Vikings. They've been known to burst out into popular songs and chants or an infectious spontaneous Valhalla call with everyone raising their drinks at the same time and enjoying the music and performances from the main stage located inside the Mead hall. A platter of mains and a platter of sides will come to every table to share when you sit down. Then, a server in full Viking kit will go around with platters for topping up of each kind of dish on the initial platter. For example so you can better understand if a meat platter contains meat  A, meat B, meat C, meat D, meat E, meat F, shortly after the mixed initial platter comes out, someone will come out with each of these in turn. A fullt platter of meat A will be paraded around by a server asking who would like some more of A and when that is empty the same will be repeated for meat B etc until the need for food has stopped or the time runs out for the feast. Platters of sides will be replenished as they first came out per table. When the side platter is empty, another one will come out. It's not how a wedding meal goes, it's not how you get served at a restaurant, it's how you get served as a Horde at a Feast and it's an experience in it's own right. Enjoy the atmosphere and take in the vibe, it's something to be remembered! 

Can I just buy a day feast ticket?

Yes! There may be some day tickets available to purchase on the 31st of January from 18:00 and they are split by age only as over 18 and under 18.  The feast access ticket does not include festival access, only feast access. You must get a festival access ticket separately that is valid for the day you booked on. The feast passes are non-transferable for names or dates. If you book a pass for a Friday, you cannot change it over to a different day later on so please decide on the day before placing your order. If you are lucky enough to look under 25, you will be asked for ID before entry. If you are unable to provide proof of age as required by law, you will be denied entry for the feast hall without a refund.

Your payment confirmation will be sent to you immediately (CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER before contacting us). No eticket will be issued for day feast access. Your name and order number will be on a system at the entrance to the feast. You'll need to present the order number and ID to be issued your access to the feast hall on the day purchased. Please ensure your email is correct when checking out. The person on the order must be the one checking in or a part of the group checking in, if purchasing the tickets as a group of 2 or more, you'll all have to show up for checking into the feast hall together. No exceptions. Feast access pass is NOT a festival pass. You will have to purchase a festival entry ticket to be able to partake in the feast.

What if I have a dietary requirement?

If your group has a person with a dietary requirement such as allergies, vegetarian, vegan etc you will be located on a particular row so the kitchen and volunteers serving the feast are able to remember where you are and see to your needs well. Remember there are hundreds of people and only about 10 serving volunteers with no waiter experience bringing out these so it is important that you and your group sit in the appropriate area to make your experience and the volunteers' experience as enjoyable as possible because it's impossible for them to remember where people are in all that craziness if there's one person astray in hundreds in over 80 tables. Meat dishes will go out everywhere, but dietary requirement dishes will only be served on the designated row purely for logistics reasons. Don't bring anything else into it.

Did I hear something about FREE booze?

Yup, provided you've purchased the right ticket! Included in your full weekend ticket price of £235 is access to the Valhalla Feast on all three nights of the festival. This will be a 3 hour feast and the food, mead and ale will come out regularly all included in the cost of this ticket! T&Cs apply as we follow a Drink Responsibly policy so please read the T&Cs. Day tickets are available with and without feast access, but don't worry, if you don't have the feast ticket or we've sold out of those, there are amazing food vendors on site and the mead bar will be open for purchases. There will be plenty of entertainment to enjoy in the evening with or without the feast, inside and outside of the hall.

During the day the Mead Hall will be a paid bar with a great selection of drinks so a wide selection of food and drink will be available all day long. Live music will be playing throughout each day and night in the Mead Hall. Outside of the feast times, the hall is open to any ticket holders. Its feast ticket holders between 6-9PM and the rest of the time anyone can come in!

How do the free drinks work during the feast?

Service from the bar kindly provided by The More Mead Company and The Stagger Inn will be wondering about and topping up drinks during the feast. Mead, session mead, ale, cider, larger, non-alcoholic beer. Jugs of water and fruit juices will be brought out by the kitchen. If you do not like any of these and alcohol is what you value most, then this experience is not for you as we operate a Drink Responsibly policy and there are no other alcoholic drinks on offer during the feast. You are not allowed to stack drinks. You cannot down drinks in order to get a top up. If you are rude to any of the serving volunteers you will be removed from the hall without a refund. It's about the experience and the atmosphere, not a sprint to getting plastered. To sum it up: there will be a generous amount of alcohol to those not taking the piss.

Will there be vegan/vegetarian food?

Yes. We are planning on there being vegetarian and vegan food as part of the feast. There will be a lot of meat around, but we will be doing our best to cater for everyone and making it a feast to remember! There will be a selection of meat-free main dishes on the relevant platters such as meat free sausages, meat free schnitzels and other meat-free alternatives. All side platters are suitable for carnivores, vegans and vegetarians alike. 

Can I see the menu?

It's not that kind of event so no, we do not pre-publish a menu. There will be a selection of meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruit, some cold some hot. We do not publish a menu in advance. Food orders are placed a few days before the festival under the advisement of the chef booked and therefore the menu is not set in advance. This is not intended to be a gourmet restaurant experience so if that's what you're expecting then we recommend not getting involved in the feast. The point of the feast is to join in the infectious atmosphere of eating and drinking with hundreds of fellow Vikings, sharing platters with friends and strangers alike and spontaneously bursting into songs or Valhalla calls. We ensure there is a mix of platters suitable for carnivores and herbivores alike so everyone is catered for and well fed.

What if I have allergies?

Please get in touch. We want everyone to enjoy themselves safely so if you have any allergies to anything it's best to get in touch and make us aware of this so we can see if we can cater to you.

The feast is sold out!?

Please check at the entrance tent if there were any no-shows. You may be able to purchase a spot on the day to the feast if there are any but you can't buy someone else's ticket for it. Please see the scam warning at the start of the page. Tickets are non-transferable so don't be fooled by someone offering to sell what they claim is a valid ticket to Valhalla. 

Is this a family friendly festival?

Absolutely. There are plenty of activities and entertainment suitable for little ones (such as kids against Vikings in the arena) but it's primarily aimed at adults. This festival is for people in the Viking, Heathen and Pagan community and we are very welcoming to all. As long as you don't mind your kids being around a bunch of big hairy Vikings who may have had a horn of mead or 4, feel free to bring them.

Many of the activities will be suited for people of all ages, including the axe throwing and firewalking.

Is this a pet friendly festival?

Absolutely. We'll behaved dogs are welcomed but you have to keep the on a lead at all times and pick up after them. We also welcomed other furred or feathered pets if they are well behaved.

Pets are not allowed in the feast hall during the feast for their own safety. It gets crowded and fast paced. Please respect this policy.

Can I just buy a day ticket?

Yes! There are day tickets available for each of the three days, with and without the feast. Check out the tickets page.

Is there a dress code?

We'd love to see you in your Viking finest, whether that's completely traditional, slightly more fantasy, or just jeans and a T-Shirt. Wear whatever you feel comfortable with. We welcome everyone who wishes to participate in whatever they feel comfortable eager to just have a good time.

Be warned, if you rock up with a horny helmet you may attract discussions from more traditional followers of the dress code.

Weapon rules

No reenactment weapons are allowed on festival grounds by anyone else than the registered reenactors that are part of the show and staff. I know they're blunt and just complete the outfit you put a lot of effort in, but no, not even if they are peace tied. If any are found they will be confiscated and can be collected from the entrance tent on departure. If you're bringing a foam larping prop... then it's not a weapon because you can't do any harm by swinging it and accidentally hitting someone so sure, feel free to bring your foam larping props, just nothing made out of metal that you could cause any accidental damage to someone else with. We don't class shields as weapons. We mean daggers, seax knives, swords, axes etc. Camping knifes are fine to bring only for camping needs and only to be left on the campsite.

Phone charging?

We do not provide phone charging stations. We recommend planning ahead and getting a portable charging battery that can hold multiple charges. Alternatively you may want to consider charging your phone in your car port or visiting one of the nearby pubs or cafe for access to a plug socket.

What are the loo facilities?

There will be both disabled and regular access toilets both on the campsite and main site. This is a self-funded event from ticket sales only so the kind of toilets and number of them depend on how many tickets we sell. Bring your friends, the more people come the nicer we can make this event for everyone.

Can I get more involved in the Festival?

Yes! This is intended to be a community event, and we'd love you to provide some content, whether you want to bring something along, run a workshop, provide entertainment, volunteer to help with running the festival, or anything else you can think of.

Just get in touch and let us know what you'd like to do.

If you want to volunteer, you will still need to buy a ticket. If you're volunteering a few days of your time over the 7 days of the festival from start to finish, then you will be entitled to receive a free ticket to the following year's Valhalla. That's only for the hard-core volunteers, you'll still need to buy a ticket for this year. The ones that came on Tuesday and worked alongside me and Steve from start to finish when help was needed. Donate some of your time during open days or Set Up and Take Down and you can receive a free Valhalla t-shirt.

Why are Skull Vikings running this event?

We're doing this a volunteers and we started this to contribute to the community. Mostly because it will be awesome and we're a bit crazy like that. Andreea and Steve run Skull Vikings, which is a UK Viking business, but we are running this festival as a not-for-profit event, just because it's the kind of festival we really wanted to attend and couldn't find anywhere so we decided to make it happen for us and everyone else. It is a passion project and any money made from sale of tickets, goes into making the festival as good as it can be. We're even sponsoring the event however we can because we believe it's the kind of gathering the community has been missing.

We really hope that this can be something big, and that it can bring together and grow the UK Heathen community.

As we have said before, sometimes you just need to do Viking shit with your Viking friends.

Coronavirus - are you cancelling?

No, we initially intended to run this festival in 2020, but postponed to 2021 due to Coronavirus and that went ahead safely. The safety and health of everyone is important to us so we are keeping an eye on all public health warnings and guidance as things progress, however we have no intention to cancel the event. Because of the size of the event and it taking place in the middle of the summer the likelihood of us needing to cancel is very low. We are following all government guidance to ensure Valhalla is a Covid-safe event.

Do I have to pay to do things like blacksmithing, axe throwing, fire walking etc.?

Yes. Activities cost extra and are charged by the people running them. No partaking in activities is included in the cost. The typical rule is watching is free but joining/doing stuff costs extra. No exceptions, even organisers, volunteers and traders will have to pay to join in on these things. The funds go directly to the people running the activities/workshops to cover their time and materials. The costs are charged by the workshop leaders not the festival.

What's free?

Plenty. You can see the wolves and birds of prey displays, talks and demonstrations, battle reenactment, live history village, live music in the main stage and around the site, fire dancers, boat burning, story tellers, watch the fire walking, demonstrations of how things are made by the blacksmiths and others etc. 

Are you doing any sales/discounts/promotions?

Promotional events may be held at future dates but none are scheduled. Discounted tickets such as early bird ones may be available at a future date for next year's event. 

SOLD OUT? Will there be any more feast tickets released?

If we sell out again in 2023 don't fret. Spaces may become available in case of cancellations or no-shows which could be purchased on the day either Saturday or Sunday. Please ask after 17:00 at the ticket/customer info tent on Saturday and after 14:00 at the ticket tent/customer info tent on Sunday. You cannot get feast access by buying it from anyone else but directly from Valhalla. We have been getting reports of scams going on so please be careful as we accept no liability in getting your tickets from anyone else but us.

Where can I connect with other people coming?

Of course! Join the community Facebook "Valhalla Viking Festival attendees" group and connect with others coming.

First aid tent?

You'll be able to locate the first aid tent next to the main marquee, the Mead Hall and the entrance of the campsite. It will be clearly marked with a large banner and you will pass it both when entering and leaving the campsite or Main HallL But we'll make sure it sticks out like a sore thumb so you can't miss it.

Lost and found?

Please ask at the ticket/entrance tent for lost and found items or children.

My questions weren't answered here, what do I do?

Drop us an email directly to 

Social media is not monitored by the organisers themselves but by volunteers who are only there to support the community and answer standard F.A.Qs, they don't have special insight or organisational changing abilities so for any serious questions not answered here, email us directly. 

How disabled friendly is the terrain?

That depends on what you are comfortable with and your particular mobility situation. We do our best to make this accessible but we can't level a hill. The festival takes place on a small hill and we make sure the grass is cut short to make things a bit easier but we can't level out the terrain unfortunately. We have had people in wheelchairs able to get around and enjoy the festival some with and some without help, but that depended on their particular situation and condition. We ensure there are disabled loos available and designate disabled parking and camping areas for Blue badge holders. Please consider the terrain and what you are comfortable with in terms of your own situation. There is a cafe open all year round called Honesty on Dummer Down Farm which is at the bottom of the hill on a level area so you're always welcome to visit them and check out the festival field from over the short fence to decide if the slope is something you're comfortable with or not.

Can I get a refund?

Tickets are non-refundable from the day of purchase. 

Please consider this before purchasing. Once purchased all sales are final so please make sure you can attend before purchasing. No exceptions on any grounds.

Discounts/free tickets - can I get one?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer any discounts at the moment for any age groups, occupations or any others as we are not receiving any external financial help and have to reduce capacity to ensure being able to space in a Covid Safe manner. Even the founders and volunteers are paying for their ticket full and doing all the organisational work all year long for free with a newborn and full time jobs on top so please don't direct anger at us, we're just trying to do something nice for you ultimately! Why no free tickets even for the organisers? Because this is a self funded event with no help from grants or the government meaning the money that goes in to the festival goes on the infrasstructure, entertainment and everything needed to make it amazing so we can't give a discount without making it less than it could be for everyone. If you are unable to move around without your carer, then you can get a free carer ticket to access the festival grounds but not a free ticket to eat and drink during the feast. The carer can assist you with your meal and movement but they will not receive free food and drink. Thank you for understanding and supporting the artists and performers that make a living from events such as this. If we are able to secure external funding this will of course be revisited. 


We're doing our best to be eco friendly so please show us your order confirmation on a digital device instead of printing it out. We will not make any printed programs either so please check the Peogramme section on the website for the itineraries 

The waste management company we use is also a recycling centre. They sort our rubbish into biodegradable, recyclable and other. Please do your best to not contaminate recyclable and non-recyclable bins. We would appreciate it if you do not throw rubbish on the floor but locate your nearest bin and use it appropriately as we need to leave the land as was found.

All Valhalla plates, cups and bags are recyclable or biodegradable. Part of the conditions to trade at Valhalla is for vendors to do the same. If you catch anyone using plastic and they've slipped past us, please point them out so we can attend to the matter immediately.