Frequently Asked Questions

We've been getting lot's of questions, so before you send us a message check below to see if your question is answered here.

How can I buy tickets?

Visit the ticket page of this website.

How much will tickets be?

Weekend tickets with camping and 3 nights of the feast are £159. Day tickets start from £10 for children and £20 for aduts.

There will be early bird tickets if you're looking for a bargain price, but these will be very limited.

Will there be parking?

Yes, there should be space for ~200 cars, and parking will be £10 for the weekend. Please share cars wherever possible.

Can I get public transport to the festival?

The festival is a 10 minute drive from Henley-on-Thames train station and 30 minutes from Reading train station. There are no public buses, so we'd recommend a taxi from one of these train stations.

Closer to the date, we will put recommended taxi numbers on the Find Us page.

Did I hear something about FREE booze?

Yup! Included in your ticket price is access to the Valhalla Feast on all three nights of the festival. This will be a 3 hour feast and the food, mead and ale will just keep coming!

During the day the Mead Hall will be a paid bar with a great selection of drinks.

Will there be vegan food?

Yes. We are planning on there being vegetarian and vegan food as part of the feast. There will be a lot of meat around, but we will be doing our best to cater for everyone and making it a feast to remember!

Is this a family friendly festival?

Absolutely, but it's primarily aimed at adults. This festival is for people in the Viking, Heathen and Pagan community and we are very welcoming to all. As long as you don't mind your kids being around a bunch of big hairy Vikings who may have had a horn of mead of 4, feel free to bring them.

Many of the activities will be suited for people of all ages, including the axe throwing and firewalking.

Can I just buy a day ticket?


Yes! There are day tickets available for each of the three days, with and without the feast. Check out the tickets page.

Is there a dress code?

We'd love to see you in your Viking finest, whether that's completely traditional, slightly more fantasy, or just jeans and a T-Shirt. Wear whatever you feel comfortable with.

Be warned, if you rock up with a horny helmet it may be confiscated upon entry...

Can I get more involved in the Festival?

Yes! This is intended to be a community event, and we'd love you to provide some content, whether you want to bring something along, run a workshop, provide entertainment, volunteer to help with running the festival, or anything else you can think of.

Just get in touch and let us know what you'd like to do.

Why are Skull Vikings running this event?

Because it will be awesome. Andreea and Steve run Skull Vikings, which is a UK Viking business, but we are running this festival as a not-for-profit event, just because it's the kind of festival we really want to attend.

We really hope that this can be something big, and that it can bring together and grow the UK Heathen community.

As we have said before, sometimes you just need to do Viking shit with your Viking friends.

Coronavirus - are you cancelling?

No, we initially intended to run this festival in 2020, but postponed to 2021 due to Coronavirus. The safety and health of everyone is important to us so we are keeping an eye on all public health warnings and guidance as things progress, however we have no intention to cancel the event. Because of the size of the event and it taking place in the middle of the summer the likelihood of us needing to cancel is very low.