Leather Bracelet Workshop (DEPOSIT ONLY) Friday 26th July 2024 (11:00)

Leather Bracelet Workshop (DEPOSIT ONLY) Friday 26th July 2024 (11:00)

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Make your own leather wristband

You'll be guided in techniques for leatherworking such as stamping, decorating, lacing and finishing techniques for leather to make your own wristband under the guidance of Wayne from Pheonix Leather. The images are just an example of one possible outcome, the result and design will depend entirely on your creative choices.

The session will last max 2 hours and will start at 11:00 and finish at 13:00 Friday 26th July 2024.

£5 deposit due today to secure space

£25 final payment due to Wayne at start of workshop

The workshop will start promptly at 11:00. Please arrive on time for the workshop as arriving late may impact your ability to keep up with the group or may lead to missing out on some of the fun.


You must be 14 or older to join this workshop. If you are under 18, you will need to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the workshop. You may need ID if you are lucky enough to look like you need an adult to accompany you.

You must hold a valid Festival ticket for the day you are joining the workshop. You cannot attend any workshops or participate in any activities without a ticket that gains you entrance to the festival on the given day.

Upon purchase, you'll receive your payment/booking confirmation. You'll be on an access list when you partake so you just need proof that you're who booked when attending the experience and sign in with Wayne directly before the workshop.

You may be able to join on the day if there are any spaces left or if there are any last minute cancellations, however please note that this is very unlikely. Just ask at the workshop entrance if there are still any spaces available.

Wayne of Pheonix Leather reserves the right to deny participation to anyone he deems unsuitable to take part due to, but not limited to, attitude, state of sobriety, age, inadequate supervision. If you are deemed unsuitable to participate for any reason, you will not receive a refund so please arrive in an adequate state to be a part of the workshop. 

The images are examples only, the resulting item will depend on what you want to make or what template you choose as well as your own work.