Horn Carving Workshop Sunday 28th July 2024 (13:30)

Horn Carving Workshop Sunday 28th July 2024 (13:30)

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 Horn Carving Workshop Sunday 28th July 2023 13:30 - 15:30

Upon purchase, you'll receive you payment confirmation. No ticket will be issued, just your order number and the name is needed to join the workshop.

You can carve your own horn or we will provide one if you don't have one. 

You may be able to join on the day if there are any spaces left or if there are any last minute cancellations, however please note that this is very unlikely. Just ask at the workshop entrance if there are still any spaces available.

You must be 16 or older to join this workshop due to the use of power tools. If you are underage, you will need to be accompanied by an adult.  

There is no concession based on age or profession for this activity. All the tools needed for carving will be included. The session will last 2 hours and will start at 13:30 and finish at 15:30.

You can upgrade on the day to one of our horns if yours is unsuitable for carving, if you forgot it or simply fancy upgrading.

SkullVikings reserve the right to deny participation to anyone he deems unsuitable to take part due to, but not limited to, attitude, state of sobriety, age or ability to complete the activity. If you are deemed unsuitable to participate, you will not receive a refund so please arrive in an adequate state to be a part of this and in time for your time slot as missing the start time does not entitle you to a later session, you must participate at the session you pre-booked. ID may be required if you are lucky enough to look under 25.

You must hold a valid Festival ticket for the day you are joining the workshop. You cannot attend any workshops without a ticket that gains you entrance to the festival on the given day.