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Valhalla Viking Festival is a non-profit event, entirely organised by volunteers. Everyone who attends (with very few exceptions) pays for their own ticket. This includes the core organizers who are also sponsoring part of the event.

We'd appreciate everyone to consider volunteering to help the event run smoothly, even if it is only for an hour or two. This is your event as much as it is our vision. To apply for volunteering please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

If you're looking to offer a workshop, talk or get involved a different way, please see the participate page

Volunteers are needed for 

Setup Thursday 15th July 2021
Open Days 16-18th July 2021
Tear-down Monday 19th July 2021

Who can volunteer?

If you've purchased a ticket but want to get involved please fill in the form to let us know. If you're a supplier and want to get involved, we welcome the help as well! If you have any limitations, conditions or plans we need to be aware of, we just ask to be kept in the loop so you can enjoy your time and we can plan accordingly.

We only ask that you follow the two golden rules:

1. Don't over commit yourself

2. Tell us if you can't do something

Telling us quickly of what you can or can't do will help us plan accordingly. We understand that everyone who volunteers at Valhalla also has other commitments so we plan ahead to cope with this.


What sort of jobs are there?

We have two main areas: Setup/tear-down and Open jobs. The jobs whilst the Festival is open is more varied and includes gateway/entrance, ticket checking, directing public, serving during the fest, tidying/cleaning, stewarding, kitchen, bar and more so there will be a wide choice of areas to work in.

Where appropriate or needed, tools and safety gear is provided.


To get involved 

To apply please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

If you're not ready to apply, you can join the mailing list at the bottom of the website which is the main low-traffic email list we use for announcing volunteer calls, news and updates. You can also contact us at

Please remember that the core organizers are also volunteers so you may not get an immediate response. 

Volunteering before and after the festival

Setting up the event requires a lot of work. We have spaces in decorating and more and help with set up is greatly appreciated. Volunteers who help with set up are able to camp from Thursday and those helping with tear down can leave Monday evening at the latest.

We're greatly appreciative of help during the take down after the event.


If you want to help with either setup or tear-down you will need a ticket to Valhalla and permission from us to turn up early or stay after the event ends. We do not allow under-18's on site during setup or tear-down without explicit permission.

During setup and tear-down, Valhalla is a construction site and we are liable for your safety. If you don’t follow instructions we will be forced to remove you from site, for everyone's safety.

If you’re on site for setup/tear-down you have to help with everything - not just what you’re interested in exceptions being made for physical limitations. There’s plenty of lifting and shifting that requiring a degree of physical fitness and mobility, but if you’re not actively helping, we will ask you to leave.

Volunteer Benefits

You'll find a friendly community - a very good way to make new friends and be a part of something special. We'll also have some benefits to volunteers based on the amount of time volunteering. All volunteers will receive a special Festival t-shirt, to be worn during volunteering time, with a design only for this year's festival. The full list of volunteering benefits is to be announced by April 2020.

A closing party once it is all done and general public has left. Details to be available shortly.

Volunteering T&Cs

All volunteers must comply with the site rules.