2022 Fire-walking (pre-book)

2022 Fire-walking (pre-book)

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Fire-walking experience


Upon purchase, you'll receive you payment/booking confirmation. You'll be issued your firewalking access wristband upon checking into the festival.

Please select the day you'd like to participate from the drop down menu. 

You (or your legal guardian/parent if you're under 18) must complete health and safety paperwork before taking part. This will take place from 16:30 until the event starts at 17:00. It is expected to finish around 19:30

You can't take part if you fail to complete the registration and paperwork before it starts so please arrive in plenty of time to complete this step. 

Logi Firewalking reserves the right to deny participation to anyone he deems unsuitable to take part due to, but not limited to, attitude, state of sobriety, age or ability to complete the ritual. If you are deemed unsuitable to participate, you will not receive a refund so please arrive in an adequate state to be a part of the ceremony. 

You must hold a valid Festival ticket for the day you are joining the Fire-Walking. You cannot attend any workshops or participate in any activities without a ticket that gains you entrance to the festival on the given day.