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Weekend Festival Ticket (Reservation)

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This is a reservation fee to hold a ticket for you.


If you want to make sure we hold a ticket for you, but don't have the cash to buy your ticket  now, then purchase this reservation.

You'll have until May 2020 to pay the rest of your ticket price.

This reservation is non-refundable.


A Valhalla ticket gets you weekend access to Valhalla Viking Festival, including camping, entertainment and 3 nights of the all inclusive Viking Feast! Sit along side hundreds of other Vikings in our great hall as the food and drink come out to you during this incredible feast!

You'll have full access for the weekend and get to enjoy our mead hall, fire dancers, story tellers and more!

We look forward to raising a horn to you!


Your ticket confirmation will be sent to you immediately, and your E-Ticket will be issued once payment is made in full.