Blacksmithing (Saturday pre-book)

Blacksmithing (Saturday pre-book)

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Blacksmithing workshop


Upon purchase, you'll receive you payment confirmation. e-Tickets will be sent out shortly.

Please select the time of day on Saturday the 17th of July that you'd like to participate in a Blacksmithing session from the drop down menu. This is a pre-booking only, not the full cost of the session. This reserves your space on your chosen session only. The online pre-booking free is £6 (£5 deposit + £1 booking fee) with £30-£40 to be payable directly to the blacksmith on the  day based on which item you'd like to make

If you do not want to reserve a space, you may also chose to check with the blacksmith on the day if any spaces are available and cover the fee to him directly in cash on the day, but it is not guaranteed they will have any spaces left by then.

There is no concession based on age or profession for this activity. Min age is 12 to participate. There are 4 spaces per session.

In your 40 min session you'll have your own instructor to guide you as you make an item to keep. There will be a few different ones to pick from, with the most popular choice being a Thor's Hammer.

Alan The Blacksmith reserves the right to deny participation to anyone he deems unsuitable to take part due to, but not limited to, attitude, state of sobriety, age or ability to complete the activity. If you are deemed unsuitable to participate, you will not receive a refund so please arrive in an adequate state to be a part of this and in time for your time slot as missing the start time does not entitle you to a later session, you must participate at the session you pre-booked. 

You must hold a valid Festival ticket for the day you are joining the workshop. You cannot attend any workshops without a ticket that gains you entrance to the festival on the given day.