Well we held on for as long as we could but it's now reached a point where we have to postpone. The Festival will go ahead, but it has been moved to 2021.

UPDATED @ 12:25 on 07.05.2020

Valhalla Viking Festival is being re-scheduled

Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus we are having to postpone the first Valhalla Viking Festival to a later date.  We've held onto plans for as long as we could, but had to face reality that it would not be safe to go ahead this year as planned. I just want to be very clear that we are still very excited about running the first Valhalla Viking Festival and it will go ahead, but due to this global pandemic, it won't be this July, it will be in 2021.

We are aiming to keep the same weekend in July for next year, however exact 2021 dates will be confirmed once we have discussed things with all of our suppliers and we have more info from the gov about restrictions etc. We will be working together with all of our craftsmen, entertainers and suppliers to make sure we can find a suitable date that means we can have everything and everyone attend.The plan is to have everyone who was confirmed for this year, come along in 2021 instead. In fact, more planning time just means we have more time to plan an amazing event and make more shields to line the Great Hall!

I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone that has supported Valhalla Viking Festival. As a non-profit event that we are arranging for our community, we really can't make this happen without you or your help, so we are so grateful to bring everyone together. We will raise a horn together in Valhalla! Soon enough...

Once we have a better understanding of how long lock-down restrictions are actually going to be in place for and discussed things with volunteers and participants, we will be able to confirm a date. If when the date is confirmed, you are unable to make the new date, then we will offer a partial refund.

Partial? We want to be completely transparent about the financials of this event as we have been all along. A lot of the initial money put into the event was donated from SkullVikings, and then the funds raised on Kickstarter has allowed us to place deposits on many of the key things we needed to run the festival. As this is a non-profit event funded by us all, if we aren't able to get back our deposits from suppliers  spent to date, we're currently down on our initial funds. This means that if everyone wanted a refund, then we wouldn't be able to offer 100% because the money has been paid out to suppliers/infrastructure. Suppliers are generally happy to move the date of the booking which means that the money isn't lost, just transferred for an event at a later date, but cancelling the booking completely would mean losing the deposit so moving is always preferred to cancelling. That means, the more people that can stick with us and hold on to their ticket until next year, the more resources we will have to make the festival a truly amazing one and you'd still get the full benefit of your ticket instead of making a loss and putting the festival at risk of happening. All the amazing time we are planning is a few more months away than we would all have liked it to be.

Based on the response that we had for the festival, we know that there are a huge number of people who want to make this event happen, and we can't wait to see you all on the other side of this, at Valhalla Viking Festival in 2021.

If you'd like to get to know some of your fellow Vikings in the build up, there is a private group on Facebook that you can join ( ) to build relationships, to be a part of the community and find other like minded people in a time when we are all apart. Isolated, but we're in this boat together and we'll Feast in the Great Hall soon celebrating coming together on the other side of this! 

The goal of Valhalla Viking Festival is to bring our great heathen community together, this will be a good way to be a part of that until we can all feast together in the great hall.

Thanks again for your support, we'll keep you updated as things progress.

We look forward to seeing you at Valhalla!

Steve & Andreea


UPDATED @ 13:00 on 20.03.2020

Business as usual?

Is the festival going ahead?

Basically, yes. At this moment in time we and other larger events are still planning to go ahead as planned (with a few extra measures to ensure sanitizing equipment and more frequent cleaning is in progress throughout the festival).

Your and our safety is the most important thing so we are keeping a very close eye on the updates and situation (not just because we're both in the high risk group) because we want everyone to have an amazing, safe and worry-free time. We are keeping a close eye on the situation and should anything change, you'll be able to see the info on this page.

At the moment, with the festival being 4 months away it is too difficult to say how things will be middle of July and with the Prime Minister announcing they expect within 12 weeks to turn the tide, we won't be making any rash decisions.


OK, but what happens if things change and the government says you can't have the festival 17-19th July 2020?

At this moment in time, we still expect it to go ahead as planned, but in the worst situation, our arm's been twisted and 17-19th July just isn't viable safely. We won't cancel the event, it will still happen, but we'll move the dates. The specific dates will depend on the the medical climate and our supplier's availability. If it can be moved by a month or so safely, then we will and worse case scenario it will be moved to the same dates, next year. 

This worst case scenario, do I get my money back? Let's tackle this based on when we would change the dates to.

1. Moving it back by a month or so, still 2020 for the festival.

Let's say you can't make the new dates. Then you'll be issued a majority refund. As it is a non-profit event some of the money paid has already gone to suppliers as non-refundable deposit. A portion of what you paid we can't recover, so we can't refund it.

2. Moving it a bit more. Same dates, next year

If you've bought your ticket and want to come then you're sorted. We'll be able to move the festival dates to then and it will happen just as planned, just a longer wait for us all. We've already discussed this possibility with suppliers. Means more time for us to plan other things and make it even more amazing. If you don't want to come to it though, same refund situation applies as above. You'll receive a majority refund due to the already paid deposits to suppliers for the festival. 

Refund amounts will be calculated if we can't go ahead based on when the dates would be moved to, how many people decide not to attend and how much we can recover from suppliers. Until we know these, we cannot give a refund estimate.

If you have any other questions, just e-mail us at